Passing Rites

by Luddite

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This album is comprised of two separate recording sessions. The first half was with Andy Herrada on drums in 2014 and the second half was with Mitchell Shelley on drums in 2013.


released February 7, 2015

Recorded and mixed by Jack Shirley at the Atomic Garden
Vocals for track 1-3 recorded by Jacob Lee at Plastic Skull



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Luddite California

The perpetual hiatus machine known as Luddite is based out of central CA.


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Track Name: Wherewithal
Our bonds hold stronger than chain links
run longer than interstates
although I may grow weary, your burden I won't be
your reverence resonates in me

beyond captive, begotten and bereaved
save our comrades who never sleep

if there is a light, it will find you
and where it shines, i will find you too
defuse the notion of these coming fears
its dog years from here.
Track Name: Cruel And Bitter
Do scholars dream in dialogue?
send diatribe unshelled
we all partake in the war on stage
but all i know is piety and hell
at times I can almost reach with broken hands
locked to land all I've known is how to stand
don't stay a jackass of trades
Track Name: Faux Belial
Loathsome new blood

Salvation; a gasp of breath you can chase but never catch
in a fuhrer hell, are you happier now?

Echos aren't what they seem
sometimes I'm lost in your lucid scheme
narrows won't let you navigate
sometimes I think you caught an early cage

There is a part of you born at 35
and now its dead at 39
narrows won't let you navigate
sometimes I think you caught an early cage
Track Name: Battered Rays
I've confided in the many
these secrets are ruining me
a cough like a catacomb
emptiness buries me
moral drought; drowning
wet as the work week
a city expanding where all our crops used to be

its the ache in my spine, not the holes in my teeth
that tempt why will to defy whats really growing worms in me
don't grind my life down, as this valley does
don't leave me a saint in the dust.
Track Name: Severed Path
The blurry dreams of clarion twilight
before the femur shakes, the epitaph aches
nostalgia haze for clandestine times
before the daunting dawn, the binding light

where we would stretch our jaws for a passing line
and floorboards bent for blasting rites
where our roots reach through